Mission Statement

To Enable people to help themselves by taking an holistic approach, promoting health, education and enterprise; facilitating independence.



"We need to understand Spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of Awareness where we experience values like Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Love and Compassion, and also Intuition, Creativity, Insight and Focused Attention.” - Deepak Chopra         


You are in fact what you 'Think and Believe' you are.
What holds us back form reaching our full potential is closing our minds off and accepting that we are what we think and believe we are, which is usually what other people have told us we are.
When a child is born it has no self limiting beliefs. Totally reliant on its parents, wider family, friends, teachers, employers, religious orders, and so on, the child grows and thinks and believes how it thinks it ought to. The developing child may also learn undesirable behaviours from other human beings that are negative and damaging to ones physical, mental, emotional,and spiritual well being. 

Our minds are like computers, but most of the time we humans are running on the wrong software, in other words learnt behaviour and conditioning.......Put in the right software, as when we seek Spiritual Guidance from the source whatever your personal beliefs, and we become highly tuned masters of our own lives.
I offer a number of healing treatments and physical therapies to assist with the process of striping back the layers, to eliminate your self limiting beliefs and help you on the way to discovering who you truly are.