Make your own Dream Catcher

The Native American people use the Dream catcher to bring good things towards a person. Making your own Dream catcher is empowering, as whilst weaving the web form the outside towards the center you are thinking about all the good things you wish to attract into your life.

By reflecting on life we can then think about changes, and creating a better life for yourself by empowering your Dream Catcher with particular crystals and shells, coloured yarns and beads. Prayers or wishes may be added, focusing your intention on manifesting all that you wish for yourselves and your loved ones.

If recovering from a recent illness or trauma, you might consider making a specific Healing Dream Catcher for your self, to assist speed up the process. Taking an active part in your own Healing is ultimately empowering.

Let the Crystals assist you.      Allow 3-4 hours for this workshop.



Childrens Dream Catcher Workshop 

A 2 Hour workshop, where children can explore their natural creativity in making their own dream catcher.

In this workshop I encourage the children to help and assist each other to encourage a community spirit, whilst working on their own dream catchers. I also tell the story of Grandmother Spider and how she weaves the web of life, showing the children that we are all connected to each other and everything in Nature around us, fostering their own natural caring and loving nature.

Up to a Max 10 Children. I am CRB checked.

All materials are supplied and included in the price.



Making Sacred items/Tools 

We learn how to make items/tools to assist us in developing a deeper understanding and connection with Spirit, leading us to self empowerment.



5 Elements Workshop :

More on this soon



Earth Celebrations Workshop :

More on this soon



Making Natural Soap

The art of soap making is an ancient practice that goes back as far as the Roman times, where it was first discovered after ash from the fires lite, mixed with the fats from animal sacrifices.Fortunately we are able to make soap that is not reliant on animal fat, and a variety of vegetable oils and fats be used. They produce a soap that is a superior quality to mass produced, manufactured soap that has lost most of its natural glycerine in the process, the part that is most beneficial for moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Please bring a note book along as there is a lot of information accompanying this workshop.

All equipment and materials are supplied. 

10am - till 4pm - Vegetarian lunch provided as well as refreshments on the day.


Making Felt

We make felt using sheeps fleece using the wet process.You will also have the opportunity practice dry felting, and to embroider or embellish your work using an embellishing machine. 

All materials supplied.

10am - till 4pm - Vegetarian lunch provided as well as refreshments on the day.


Making Willow lanterns

More on this soon