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Herbs and Spices

We stock a large variety of herbs and spices that may be used for cooking, natural beauty, medicinal and magickal purposes.

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Agrimony - £1.50

Used in all protection sachets and spells. Banishes negative energies and spirits. Breaks hexes...... 

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Allspice - £1.50

Burned as an incense to attract money or luck. Also used to promote healing...... 

Betony Wood
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Betony Wood - £1.50

Added to mixtures and incenses for protection and purification. Traditionally burnt on fires at midsummer for people to jump throught the smoke to purify the body of ills. A good plant to carry when making love advances, it strengthens the body when worn...... 

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Bistort - £1.50

Carry about your person if you wish to conceive. Burm with frankincense to improve psychic powers or when using divination. Good for attracting money when carried in sachets or burned in incense...... 

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Bladderwrack - £1.00

Gives protection to those at sea or flying over t. Intercontinent travellers should carry this plant. It will aid your magic in sea spells...... 

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Borage - £1.00


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Broom - £1.50

Used in protection and purifying spells and hung in the house to keep out negativity...... 

Chamomile, German
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Chamomile, German - £1.75

Used in calming and sleep inducing brews and incenses. Also used to attract money...... 

Chamomile, Roman
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Chamomile, Roman - £2.50

Used as a handwash it is said to attract money. Also used in sleep and meditation incenses. The infusion can also be added to a bath to attract love...... 

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Coltsfoot - £1.25

Add to love sachets and use in spells for peace and tranquility...... 

Comfrey leaves
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Comfrey leaves - £1.25

Worn or carried it will protect the traveller. The root is used in money spells...... 

Damiana (powdered)
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Damiana (powdered) - £2.50

Burned to produce vision and used in lust infusions as well as lust spells...... 

Dandelion root
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Dandelion root - £1.50

An infusion will promote psychic powers. The same tea steaming as placed beside the bed will call spirits...... 

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Echinacea - £1.80

Used by American Indians as an..... 

Hawthorn berries
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Hawthorn berries - £1.00

Has long been used to increase fertility..... 

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