Shamanism is an Ancient Spiritual Practice


It dates back to possibly more than 250,000 years and is practiced all around the world, and not only in indigenous cultures. There has been a recent revival in the western world as many explore the benefits of Shamanic way of life in our modern world.


The Shaman journeys with the mind, to a place of non ordinary reality, too whats known as the lower world, where they meet and are guided by animal spirits or other Spirits known to dwell in the lower world. They may also journey to the upper world. That is the domain of more human type Spirit helpers, such as Ascended Masters, Angels, Gods and Goddesses.


The Shamans main tool is a drum, whose rapid, steady beat changes the brain waves and takes the Shaman into an altered state of consciousness.

When in either the lower or upper world, the Shaman communicates with the Spirits to get information or guidance on a particular question or intention.


 To Help You Awaken Your Spiritual Power
Meet Your Three Guardians


It is a belief of Shamanism, that everyone has 2 power animals and Spirit Guide. Some may have been with us since our birth, some come and go depending on our daily lives, and what we need to help guide us in a particular situation or particular problem.


  • Overcome life's problems, loneliness, frustrations

  • Gain clarity about your life purpose

  • See clearly Spirit's messages just for you

  • Make good decisions

  • Experience the love and support of your greater spiritual family

  • Empower your attitude and confidence 

  • Be led to healthy new relationships and be guided in the healing of relationship wounds 

  • Achieve fulfillment as you walk the earth path

  • Develop harmony of mind, body, and spirit

The practioner makes a journey on your behalf to find your Animal Guides and Spirit helper.




Garden of The Soul/Counselling



                                  "They piled belief upon belief like stones,

                     to build a wall so high that the garden could not be seen."



In this treatment the Practioner spends time explaining and teaching you the tools to journey for yourself.

It is a minimum of 6 week treatment each lasting approx 1 hour.


In a safe and protective space you will undertake a journey under the guidance of the practioner to your Garden of the Soul, which is your most inner place, where your soul resides. Here you will be able to explore, and do any work that is required to assist you in your lifes path. It is extremely helpful to those who are 'stuck' or have a particular problem to deal with and need deeper insight with how to move forward.


It can be beneficial in assisting with 

  • Depression

  • Low-self esteem

  • Loss of confidence

  • Addictions

  • Drug/alcohol misuse

  • Poor relationships

  • Making positive job and career decisions


It may also assist with the healing process due to loss of some kind, and coming to terms with life changes and those going through transition. 

One may find their true purpose in life by working on their Garden of the Soul. 




This is the process where the practioner journeys to symbolically and metaphorically remove any blockages or things that are preventing the person form moving forward in their lives. When ever anything is removed, the guides will always offer symbolic gifts to the person to assist in the healing process.


The treatment takes approx 1 hour, allowing time for feedback and including a 15 min journey that the practioner under takes on behalf of the client.



Soul Retrieval


Soul loss is when someone feels that part of them is missing, or that they are not quite themselves. It is down to a missing part of their soul, a part that has split off or become defragmented. It may be due to an operation, such as open heart surgery, or a serious illness or trauma where they have fully recovered but still don't quite feel them selves.


Its a natural occurance for the the soul to leave the body to protect itself. in the case of trauma. We hear people speak of outer body experiences, where they see themselves above, looking down on themselves. Sometimes the soul doesn't quite go back into the physical body again once the trauma is over and a part of it is left out.


Soul loss can also be due to the person, giving a part of themselves away in relationships, eg in exchange for love that they have not received as a child.

This can leave the person feeling lost, unbalanced or disconnected to themselves.

Soul theft is when someone either consciously, but more often subconsciously takes a soul part or soul parts from a person, as in the case of a co-dependent relationships. These relationships are damaging and destructive to both people involved as neither can live their lives independently and fully.


Symptoms of Soul loss or soul theft, may include

  • Depression

  • Low self esteem

  • A feeling of not being themselves

  • Something missing since the operation or accident

  • Grieving that goes on and on without recovery

  • Manifestations of Physical illness due to psychological and emotional imbalances, and negative, damaging thought forms.


The treatment consists of the practioner journeying on behalf of the client to retrieve the lost soul part, following specific guidance and with the assistance their Animal and Spirit Guides.

The Soul part is then blown into the physical body of the client, usually through the solar plexis and the crown of the head. Allow 1 hour for this treatment including 15 min journey and feed back.

More than one treatment may be required.



Distance Healing


The practioner is able to provide distance Healing should it be required. The practioner will make a suitable and mutually convenient  time to carry out the journey on the clients behalf. The client is expected to take the time to connect through thought to the practioner, thus assisting with their own healing. The client will then be contacted to receive the result of the journey and healing afterwards. Further guidance on this will be given, either by e-mail, txt or phone call.


Payment is in way of Donation depending on affordability and worth of treatment.

Minimum £35


Shamanic Services

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