Soul Midwifery


Care of the Dying


Nature provides us with plenty of evidence that Death is all part of the great cycle of Life. Death is a rite of passage as is birth, and as a midwife generally assists with the transition of the new born into the world, a Soul Midwife assists the dying person move across gently and peacefully into the world of Spirit.


My wish is to combine my knowledge and skills as a Shamanic Practioner with having over 30 years of nursing practice, enabling me to provide Person Centred End of Life Care.


I will provide a tailored service for my clients and assist in allowing them to have a gentle and peaceful, supported passing.


There is more focus on End of Life Care now, and I am able to facilitate those wishes for people that are looking for a more Natural and Spiritually lead end of life, whatever your beliefs.


I am able to hold a reflective space for a person, assisting those dealing with unfinished business and soul wounds, as well as death wishes, and can also create rituals and assist with those wishing to celebrate their lives along with their family, friends and loved ones.


Working in a traditional, time honored way, used by the Ancesters and Indigenous Peoples, I use gentle touch therapy, as well as a variety of specific herbs, tinctures, essential oils and incenses, for space clearing and protection as well as providing a safe and nurturing space for the passing to take place.


I also use tools of sound, such as singing bowls, tuning forks, relaxing music and the voice for balancing, healing and assisting the dying process.



Please Contact me for more information. I can provide individual packages however small or large.



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