Therapies with Crystals


Chakra Balance with Chakra Crystal Healing   Approx 1 hour  

In and around our bodies we have many energy points, called Chakras. These points have been known about for thousands of years by ancient people.

I work on the 7 main Chakra energy centres, which are in line along the trunk of the physical body, up to the top of the head, working on each Chakra at a time whilst gently opening and re-balancing them.

  • Relaxing

  • Balancing

  • Healing

  • Energizing

Once the Crystals are placed upon the Chakras, time is spent on each individual Chakra assisting the Crystals to deliver the Healing. 


Self Limiting Belief Guided Meditation with Crystal Array  

Approx 1 Hour  

Often we have times in our lives where we have the feeling of being 'stuck', and that our lives are perhaps not as forfilling as we would wish them to be. It maybe that we are holding onto a self limiting belief that we are unaware of.

  • Work/career prospects

  • Relationships

  • Achieving your general goals in life

  • Attaining Happiness

  • Healing the past, and moving forward

  • Coping with change and life tranistion

This treatment consists of a guided meditation which takes one down into the deeper part of yourself to find and retrieve the self limiting belief you hold about yourself that is preventing you from moving forward in a positive way in your life.  

More than one treatment may be required


              "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out

                                    how far one can go". – T. S. Eliot



Past Life Ascension Guided Meditation   Approx 1 hour  

We are all part of a whole cycle of Life.

When we closely observe Nature, we become very aware of this life cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth as it is seen everywhere, in everything around us. The Universe is an energetic mass, a constant flux and flow of change. 

This is a visual guided meditation that takes ones consciousness out of our self and into the collective consciousness where we are able to access records of our past lives. We are then able to see and understand what our Spiritual mission is in this life time.  



Removal of Cords Guided Meditation with Crystal Healing   Approx 1 Hour

Even before we are born we have cords or ties to our parents. The physical cord which is cut soon after our birth is an obvious one, but we also develope emotional and spiritual ties to people as we grow and develope.

As we progress and mature in our lives, these ties or cords should naturally fall away when necassary, but sometimes they can be so tight that they actually inhibit us form truly living our lives, independantly and to the fullest.

We may develope unhealthy, unbalanced co-dependant relationships with our parents or partners.These ties or cords are not beneficial to either the person or their co-dependant, as neither can fully live independantly, reaching their full potential.

Many of these ties or cords go undetected and are nearly always subconscious. But once realised, they should be dealt with, to free the persons involved so that healing may take place and the person can become responsible for themselves and their own life.

This is a gentle, guided visual meditation where one can safely and lovingly remove the ties that hold both people back. Letting go and sending the other person off with loving kindness, to live their life as they should.

An extremely empowering meditation, often indicating the beginning of a life change that has long been overdue.

Further support (Counselling) and treatment (Shamanic healing) may be required to assist with over all Healing in a particular area.




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